We're a mobile-first insurance platform that allows people to buy the insurance they'll actually need, only when they need it. This is how insurance should be.

We're a digital platform

We’re creating a white label platform that offers:

• Seamlessly tailored coverage

• Minutes-long claim measurements

• Dynamic pricing

• Fully interactive insurance app

Our sophisticated technology simplifies insurance

We understand the people we insure – where they live and how they live.

We give customers coverage that is priced clearly and expertly for their lives. Our app leverages existing and emerging technologies, as well as multi data source algorithmic powers, to capture customer information and tailor insurance for each policyholder.

Our app seamlessly captures and compiles customer data

Here’s the idea: our customers get coverage through our app. They take photos of their properties and answer a few basic questions. Our technology works in the background to analyse the image and pull relevant information from third parties to offer customers tailored coverage and accelerated settlements.