About Paper

We’re taking insurance from a grudge purchase to a year-long interactive relationship that customers can opt in and out of.

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Insurance is obsessed with its own disruption

Big players are posturing over which single technological breakthrough will change our industry. These companies look to single tools that can increase business speed and precision and – they claim – innovate insurance.

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But real change will help the customer.

Technology will help companies underwrite with greater speed and precision. (That’s happening.) We believe real industry shifts will have nothing to do with traditional processes updated by technology. Real disruption will be in transforming those processes, starting with the relationships between the provider and insured.

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Which is exactly what we're doing

Customers expect products that are convenient for their lives and customised to their needs – what was good for someone last month might not be the best for them this one. We meet their expectations with our flexible, mobile-based insurance.

An insurtech product backed by market leading partnerss

Technology supports us, it doesn’t replace us. We have an experienced, talented team and exceptional relationships with Lloyd’s of London.

We're a digital MGA

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We sell insurance to agents through a platform that uses data science and analytics to price risk quickly and accurately. The front end of our product is an app that policyholders use and interact with to tailor insurance coverage to their particular needs.

We like insurance

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Sounds obvious. We like insurance because it puts people in control of the lives they’ve worked so hard to build. Insurance isn’t complicated as the industry makes it out to be. It’s actually pretty simple. And when you use Paper, you’ll like it, too.

We use data for good

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Our particular combination of data science, machine learning and analytics sets us apart from the competition. We use technology to better the relationship with the policyholder and vastly improve the reports and MI available to data hungry capacity providers. This helps drive lower pricing



Why service the emerging markets? There’s a lot of money and attention being paid to digitise the insurance industry in developed markets. Big players compete in the global north with low prices and slim differentiators. That leaves a huge gap in the market, as 80 percent of humans live in developing countries. Our intention is to serve this market by creating insurance products giving the freedom, flexibility and control they deserve.